Offsprings of Noah 38
Offsprings of Noah Exhibition in Aram Khachaturyan’s Museum

A new wave of striking changes and events has recently overflowed Armenia. One of the events – Fashion Forum Yerevan 2018 – is the first international fashion meeting to ever take place in Armenia. The opening ceremony was held on June 2 in the Aram Khachaturian House-Museum with many international influencers and local celebrities attending. The Minister of Culture of RA, Lilit Makunts, also attended the opening ceremony.

The aesthetic part of the forum was the exhibition of artworks from about 50 fashion designers from Armenia and 11 from the diasporas in Germany, France, Lebanon, Syria, Ukraine, Russia, and the US. All the collections are the vivid reflection of their works expressing fashion through the diversity of styles – from ethnic to casual and from evening to architectural.

The styling process was curated by fashion designer Vahan Khachatryan and myself, Lucine Ayanian. In addition, the exhibition showed several works from TUMO students, thus making room for the young ones to share their talent and aptitude.

Backstage pictures from the preparations find HERE. 

Offsprings of Noah 27увше
Nikolyan. Alexander Arutyunov
Offsprings of Noah 22
Faina. Kivera Naynomis
Offsprings of Noah 35увше
Vahan Khachatryan
Offsprings of Noah 23
Elsi Fashion
Offsprings of Noah 37 увше
Krikor Jabotian. Garen Demirchian
Offsprings of Noah 24
Alexander Arutyunov. El Si Fashion. Alexander Arutyunov. Faina. Kivera Naynomis
Offsprings of Noah 29увше
Maria Haroutyunian. Alexander Arutyunov
Offsprings of Noah 36увше
Krikor Jabotian
Offsprings of Noah 26 увше
LOOM Weaving. Teryan Cultural Center
Offsprings of Noah 3
Margonie Fashion
Offsprings of Noah 15edit
Margonie Fashion. Gayane Martirosyan. Harmony
Offsprings of Noah 16edit
Vahan Khachatryan. Alexander Arutyunov. Hagop Shahinian
Offsprings of Noah 14edit
Kivera Naynomis. Anait Simonyan
Offsprings of Noah 4
Offsprings of Noah 19edit
Vahan Khachatryan. Missak Hajiavedikian
Offsprings of Noah 1
Shabeeg. Avagian
Offsprings of Noah 20edit
Shushan. Petoor
Offsprings of Noah 21
Offsprings of Noah 12edit
Soncess. Arigato
Offsprings of Noah 2
TUMO Studios
Offsprings of Noah 8edit
Faina. Erica Chilingaryan
Offsprings of Noah 5edit
Sinoian. Teryan Cultural Center
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