Bloggersmarket x HM 1

On 15 March new H&M opened another department store in Nautica shopping center, Tallinn. Our #BLOGGERSMARKET team was invited to pick our favourite pieces in store and select them with personalised labels. So if some of you is picking printed pants or a red statement dress, high five!

Moreover, we are making a GIVEAWAY for our Facebook friends with 2 gift cards (50eur). If interested, enter the game till 19 March to win a great shopping opportunity with your friends!

And a huge-huge thank you for these amazing snaps to Laura Nestor.
Bloggersmarket x HM 4 Bloggersmarket x HM 5 Bloggersmarket x HM 2 Bloggersmarket x HM 3 Bloggersmarket x HM 6 Bloggersmarket x HM 7

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