January is such a melancholic month! The festive season is left behind, the weather is still cold, and loads of work is looming on the horizon. But I love this quiet time of serious thoughts about new beginnings. The special attraction of this period is, I think, that ultimately, you come up with a certain concentrated mood. Even that subtlest of shades, grey metallic, light blue, dirty white, cold beige, add a special calm feeling.

See my inspiration moodboard below.

january moodboard 2january moodboard 10january moodboard 5 january moodboard 9january moodboard 6 january moodboard 3january moodboard 4january moodboard 15january moodboard 7january moodboard 1 january moodboard 12january moodboard 14 january moodboard 8january moodboard 13january moodboard 11

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