Pandora Xmas 1

I’ve been recently invited to a Christmas dinner held by Pandora. The event took place at a fancy local restaurant Art Priori, where we were introduced to a new holiday collection and the brand’s leading concept.

The main idea of the DO concept is to inspire women to go out and get what they wish for, especially on holidays. What I loved about the idea is that every woman can drop hints and be creative to get the desirable jewellery.

If there’s something you’ve had an eye on for some time, just drop your loved one a hint and do get what you wish for at Christmas. The steps are simple:

  • Send your loved one a hint they can’t miss by choosing your favourite piece from Pandora;
  • If he doesn’t get it, send another;
  • and another;
  • and another…

See the tutorial video HERE. I’m sure, any man can cope with this task!

Anyway, the best gift to give is yourself. But sparkling jewellery isn’t bad either! Think about that when browsing a new holiday collection at Pandora. 😉

#DOPandora   #DoSeeTheWonderful

#PANDORAEstonia   #DOGetWhatYouWishFor

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