red velvet dress

A velvet dress often stands out on it’s own, but the red velvet dress makes a real statement.

This trend comes from ’90s. I remember having several velvet dresses during my teen age (one even was made out of mom’s gown).
But wearing it now with chokers, or layering over a shirt make an outfit look too grungy. Some other details and patterns can transform velvet from wintry cloth to day-time look that would become equally appropriate for the lunch in the sun. You can wear it even with summery elements like palm tree swimsuit.

But I would suggest to give a velvet dress it’s own way, matching it with nothing else but a pair of classy heels and few bold pieces.

red velvet collage

Here’s a modern, yet very easy way to style the red velvet dress, see the steps below:

  1. Red velvet dress.

zaful velvet dress

2. High heel pumps.zaful heel sandals

3. Fancy handbag.zaful bag

4 .Statement jewelry.zaful chokercvetovaya-palitra-3215

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