ECOO Cool pink 1

Aside from classy shoes, I’m pretty sure sneakers are a woman’s best friends. With seemingly endless options each season, it’s hard not to notice a brand new collection in a rainbow of colours, different shapes and options. Sneakers are no longer reserved exclusively for the gym.

My new ECCO COOL 2 sneakers are ideal  for all-day wear. Though outside is a bit nasty, these leather/textile trainers have a waterproof layer that acts as a barrier against moisture – a must-have option for our humid climate! Besides, the injected foam keeps my feet cool and soft. I’m already thinking of purchasing these sneakers for my kid, he would love them!

The pictures below confirm that the sneakers have become a fashion statement, especially mixing bold colours in one’s outfit.

ECOO Cool pink 2 ECOO Cool pink 4 ECOO Cool pink 3

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