Have you ever tried the restaurant hopping? This is the best way to experience several restaurants in one day. So did our small group of bloggers with the help of Embassy of Champagne. The purpose was to try special menu offers from the best Tallinn restaurants that went well with Rosé drinks like Veuve Clicquot, Moet&Chandon or Ruinart. Campaign lasts till the end of March, so make sure you join this sparkling world of pink bubbles at least for one time.




 Salmon marinated with lime and beet, oysters and shrimps in sauce.

Restaurant Hopping 2Restaurant Hopping 1 Restaurant Hopping 3


Restaurant Hopping 4Restaurant Hopping 6
Restaurant Hopping 5Restaurant Hopping 9
Restaurant Hopping 8Restaurant Hopping 7

Restaurant Hopping 10Restaurant Hopping 11

Restaurant Hopping 14Restaurant Hopping 15
Restaurant Hopping 13Restaurant Hopping 12


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