Christmas is a wonderfully festive time of the year. We all share love during the magical season, especially, when it comes to children. Children are like little angels – there’s no way to stop loving or caring for them.

This was my first ever fashion show for kids, and I would definitely suggest to see a large selection of cute outfits from Riga Fashion Week (Kid’s Special), featuring a variety of styles and fabrics. I was so impressed watching all the cute models cat-walking on the runway! Whatever Christmas activities await, you can count on such Latvian brands as Lazy Francis, Paade Mode, and Aristocrat Kids, where high fashion meets the little ones.
kids-fashion-rfw-1 kids-fashion-rfw-3 kids-fashion-rfw-4kids-fashion-rfw-7 kids-fashion-rfw-6 kids-fashion-rfw-8 kids-fashion-rfw-9 kids-fashion-rfw-10 kids-fashion-rfw-11 kids-fashion-rfw-12kids-fashion-rfw-13 kids-fashion-rfw-14 kids-fashion-rfw-15 kids-fashion-rfw-16 kids-fashion-rfw-17 kids-fashion-rfw-18 kids-fashion-rfw-19kids-fashion-rfw-24 kids-fashion-rfw-20 kids-fashion-rfw-22 kids-fashion-rfw-21 kids-fashion-rfw-23 kids-fashion-rfw-25 kids-fashion-rfw-26

Thanks to Investment and Development Agency of Latvia and LiveRiga for inviting to Riga Fashion Week.

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