November 2013

Vilve Unt. TFW Day 3

 Vilve Unt was the Silver Needle winner, so it became twice intriguing to see her entire collection. I would call it “virgin maidens”, cause being minimalistic, each dress was extremely chaste. The religious note

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Kriss Soonik. TFW Day 3

Silver Needle Nominee: Kriss Soonik.  Последний день показов на Таллиннской Неделе Моды был самым интересным. Все потому, что на гала-вечере были определены участники конкурса “Золотой и Серебряной Иглы”. У каждой

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Beatrice. TFW Day 3

Designer Beatrice prepared ironic and jesting collection “Fenice”. Models had “rococo”-styled appearance and were covered all over with tattoos. They all were wearing different prints, mostly “pop-art’ish”. Well, that was

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