May 2013

White Tunique

Black & White theme proceeds in present and coming posts. I guess this trend effected me strongly by recent. Check this extraordinary white tunic made by designer Natalia Õnnis.  This local designer makes

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SUMMER by Ravshana

Inspired by this recent photo shoot with the actress Ravshana Kurkova in the main role.  Dresses: Hervé Léger s/s 2013 Style: Sergei Surkov Muah: Aldo Coppola Credits:

Countryside Nerd

Almost 3 years have past that I found my good old glasses. This “no brand accessory” I’ve purchased in Swiss. Happy to have them in my collection – extremely versatile. Matches classy

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Do Sport

I do strongly believe that sport and fashion became inseparable. Sport is a great self image tool. Exercises make your body get into better shape. When you can wear the clothes you want

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  Love this blue & yellow color mixture, especially when it comes to oil paintings. I do often mix and match them on paper, rarely in the outfits. Nevertheless, there

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