October 2012

TFW. Day1. Piret Ilves

Piret Ilves is one of those Estonian designers whose creations I adore – young and very talented. Her dresses emphasize the simple elegance. Basic colors with pinkish and lilac accents looked extremely nice. Piret

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My ’70ies

Almost the first time I’ve put a hat during the fall season. This have been a big problem since childhood wearing any head accessories – didn’t like them at all.

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Love to have the masculine clothes in my wardrobe. Love to match them with girlish garments and transfer into feminine. Red and gold accents highlight the monochrome outfit. This color

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Ilu Sõnum 2012

Ilu Sõnum is the Beauty Fair held annually in Tallinn. This is the place for those who adore crowded places, big discounts, testers and cheep (or even free) beauty procedures. That just isn’t

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Jade Green

Colors tend to saturate during the fall season – they become more vivid and intensive. This cute little dress of jade color radiates from far away. In spite of different

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