Yesterday I was reading my favorite online magazine Büro and saw there some works of a graphic artist Vahram Muratyan who lives between 2 cities – Paris and New-York. He once decided to compare these two major cities. The idea and the smart realization turned out extremly popular. Now the artist sells the book Paris VS New York and a big number of posters. Check his Blog here – he has a very sharp eye. I find these illustrations to be comic & intelligent at once – doze of inspiration for the week! 😉
Le Baiser

La Barbe
La Romantique

Les Mains
La Mode
Le Styliste
Le Café
 Le Matin

Le Fromage
Le Surnom
 Le Réalisateur
Le Chanteur
Le Cabaret
La Course
Le Roman
Les étoiles
 Le Temple
 La Façade
 Le Taxi
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