This girl inspires me so much! Ravshana Kurkova acts not only as an actress, but her appearance allows to be a great model as well (180cm/50kg * InStyle, Beauty, Car, Elle, FHM, Gala, Glamour, GQ, Grazia, Harper’s Bazaar, Helloi-D, MayFashion, Nesspresso, Viva, Атмосфера, Vogue). 

Photographer Lev Efimov

Anna & Styles magazine

InStyle magazine

Photographers: Ilya Vartanian, Anya Chibisov, Andrew Drykin
Yaroslav Malyi (Ярослав Малый)
Ravshana Kurkova (Равшана Куркова)
Directed by Igor Shmelev (Режиссер: Игорь Шмелев)
Make-up by Lemara Akhbaeva (Мейк-ап: Лемара Ахбаева)

MACHETE – Hежность (Tenderness) <3

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