June 2011

Creamy shoulders

Recently an idea flashed across my mind – I’m addicted to nude color. Can’t do anything, but these creamy light tones are making me so high. May be because of

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Pilgrim accessories

Here is my new accessory collection from Pilgrim (Danish accessory brand). Few months had passed since I’ve received the gift card on my BDay. So finally I’ve spent it.  Dark

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Summer polka dots

 Summer has begun according to the seasonal calender. So all of us are looking for the longest day of the year when the Sun reaches its most northern point in

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City Safari

As the summer began the time for blogging has been cut by half. And I hardly withstand the overload: work, projects, sport, dance classes, personal life, social activity…. Hope, I

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Chic simplicity from Zara

Gosh, I don’t know how could I miss this May lookbook!? Perfect, yet simple.  Не понимаю, как я могла упустить из виду этот майский лукбук. Безупречно, и в то же ремя

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